Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan 2018-2023 reflects what we expect to be a period of evolution for hospice palliative care. This bold plan provides Carpenter Hospice with a timely opportunity to revisit and strengthen the foundations upon which it has built its success. It is a chance for Carpenter Hospice to reinforce its commitment to participants, patients, families, and their loved ones while it capitalizes on its strengths and uniqueness, enhances its performance, and explores new ways to meet the emerging needs of hospice palliative care patients, participants, and their families. 

Our Mission is to be a Centre of Excellence providing resident and community-based palliative care that, in collaboration with community partners, enables Burlington residents and their families to experience a personal, dignified and meaningful palliative journey. 

We have established five strategic directions that set forth a desired course of action for Carpenter Hospice:


These five pillars inform our decision-making and trajectory for the period 2018-2023. 

The Carpenter Hospice