Carpenter Hospice
2250 Parkway Drive
Burlington, ON L7P 1T1
Phone: 905.631.9994
Fax: 905.631.6823
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For individual or program-specific contact information, please see our Staff Directory

Executive Director, Kim Pearson
905.631.9994 Ext. 111
Fax: 905.631.7107

Volunteer Services Manager, Stephanie Bruck
905.631.9994 Ext. 120

Corporate Services Manager, Marlene Hamilton
905.631.9994 Ext. 136

Development & Community Engagement Manager, Pamela Massaro
905.631.9994 Ext. 118

Intake Coordinator, Laurie Smith, RN
905.631.9994 Ext. 110

Residential Care Coordinator, Naomi Zohoor, RPN
905.631.9994 Ext. 143

Supportive Care Coordinator
905.631.9994 Ext. 135

Wellness Program Coordinator, Charlene Cheng, RN
905.631.9994 Ext. 139

Music Therapist, Avalon Harris, MTA
905.631.9994 Ext. 141

Donor Database & Records Specialist, Anne Norman
905.631.9994 Ext. 134

If you will be visiting our facility please note that due to allergic sensitivities, Carpenter Hospice is a fragrance-free area. Due to health concerns arising from exposure to scented products, we are committed to providing a fragrance-free environment to all residents, visitors, employees, and volunteers. Fragrances are defined as any product that produces a scent strong enough to be perceptible by others, including but not limited to cologne, aftershave lotion, perfume, perfumed hand lotion, fragranced hair products, scented oils and/or similar products. We appreciate your cooperation. 

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