Organizational Excellence

We will only achieve our vision, mission and goals if our organization functions as effectively and efficiently as possible. The Board will need to provide active and strong governance through continual self-examination and identifying ways of becoming more effective in fulfilling its role.

The Executive Director will need to be supported by an organizational structure with sufficient management and staff resources to fulfill this position’s essential external and internal responsibilities.

We will need to continue developing highly qualified, dedicated and caring staff and grow our volunteer network to provide the front-line services for residents, outreach participants and their families.


  • Continually improve our governance such as by periodically reviewing our board and committee structure, skills mix, functioning, policies and practices
  • Develop and maintain an organizational structure and supporting infrastructure with the management and staff resources necessary for the fulfillment of our internal and external roles and responsibilities
  • Enable the Executive Director to spend a significant amount of time on external priorities such as the integration of palliative care services for the community, promoting advancements in palliative care, fund development and the Compassionate City Charter
  • Establish and maintain succession planning processes for board members, managers, staff and volunteers to ensure the continued supply of highly qualified, compassionate and motivated individuals that reflect the diversity of our community
  • Identify and fulfill staff training and career development needs to benefit the individual and support the effective delivery of high-quality services
  • Develop outcome measures for evaluating and reporting on our performance to our stakeholders
The Carpenter Hospice