Music Therapy

Music Therapy at Carpenter Hospice
Music Therapy at Carpenter Hospice

The role of music therapy in hospice care is to provide opportunities to explore music and its elements and influences which may lessen the physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual impact of illness or disability, and improve well-being. Music is a powerful catalyst that evokes memories, influences moods, and stimulates the senses. Through music we can sensitively tune into the experience of dying as it is being lived by each individual.

Carpenter Hospice has an accredited Music Therapist who provides individual sessions with hospice residents which may include family members and caregivers. Music therapy sessions can be one-on-one or in group environments.

Benefits of music therapy:

  • Enhances well-being and quality of life
  • Provides relaxation and distraction from pain
  • Provides opportunities for life review
  • Gives a sense of control
  • Provides opportunities for expression of difficult emotions
  • Provides opportunities for social interaction and sharing
  • Supports communication between family members
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