Sustainability & Healthy Community Initiatives

Community funding has been the single, most important reason that we continue to exist. The community of Burlington was the driving force in establishing Carpenter Hospice and, since our inception, has enabled us to offer services at no cost to our residents or outreach program participants and their families. In the future, a significant portion of our operating funding and the majority of our capital funding will need to come from the community and will be essential to our survival and growth. Although we hope that new government funding will be provided in line with the increasing importance of palliative care, it is not guaranteed and we will always need the strong support of our community and our donors. Our continued leadership role is also important to fulfilling the promise of Burlington becoming a truly Compassionate City. Maintaining the strong community presence required to meet our future funding needs and support community-wide initiatives will require the concerted efforts, leadership and commitment from our board members, managers, staff and volunteers.


  • Develop new opportunities to successfully undertake the major fundraising initiatives that are required each year to sustain our programs and operations and to grow our outreach programs and services
  • Continually build community awareness of our role and excellence in palliative care through our participation in community activities and our relationships with donors, community leaders, businesses and elected representatives at the local, provincial and federal levels
  • Enhance the role and participation of board members, staff and volunteers in supporting community initiatives and advocating on behalf of the people we serve
  • Continue to spearhead the City of Burlington Compassionate City Charter initiative and be a part of the social changes that will lead to Burlington becoming a compassionate city
The Carpenter Hospice