Giving from the heart

Anu R. Photo The moment hospice volunteer, Anu, walked through our front doors, she felt a strong connection. “I felt like I was coming to the home of someone I’d known for years,”… Read more “Giving from the heart”

Anu R.

Finding a shoulder to cry on

Kathy Yotingco In November 2011, Kathy was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. While the upcoming chemo treatments loomed over her during the Christmas holidays, her larger concern was the care of her husband, Ray, who has… Read more “Finding a shoulder to cry on”

Kathy Y.

A dog with a job…and a bandanna

Jim Findlay and Therapy Dog MurphyVolunteer, Jim Findlay, prepares his therapy dog, Murphy, for a visit to the hospice by placing a special bandanna around his neck. “Murphy is like Jekyll and Hyde,” says Jim.… Read more “A dog with a job…and a bandanna”

Jim Findlay

A gift for the taste buds

Shelley Murray One summer day, Shelley Murray, a volunteer in our kitchen, remembers the nurses asking if it would be possible to get any eggnog. One of the residents had requested it. Shelley… Read more “A gift for the taste buds”

Shelley Murray

Emerging from a cancer diagnosis

Lorrain Carefoot Photo Nine years ago, Lorraine Carefoot was diagnosed with cancer in her right lung, a shock to her since she had never smoked a day in her life. Since then she has undergone surgery and chemotherapy, dealt with treatment-related infections, and faced a… Read more “Emerging from a cancer diagnosis”

Lorraine Carefoot

Carpenter inspires a career

Stephanie Rollo, Personal Support Worker Volunteering with Carpenter Hospice inspired Stephanie Rollo to complete a certificate as a Personal Support Worker (PSW). She joined the clinical team in May 2016. “I knew of Carpenter Hospice… Read more “Carpenter inspires a career”

Greeting others with a smile

If you’ve ever walked through the front door of the Hospice, there’s a good chance you’ve been greeted by Ann Maunder’s smile. As a reception volunteer, Ann answers the door for visiting guests, lets them know where the coffee, tea and snacks are located, and answers any questions families may have. “Sometimes I’ll help out… Read more “Greeting others with a smile”

Ann Maunder

A close-knit community that understands

Bob McIntyre faced his first cancer diagnosis in 2003. He was successfully treated, and was able to return to work as an Electrical Supervisor until his retirement five years later. At a time when he and his wife, Elaine, should have been enjoying their grandkids and travelling, Bob faced his second cancer diagnosis in 2010… Read more “A close-knit community that understands”

Bob McIntyre
The Carpenter Hospice