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Lloyd, husband, father and so much more to so many people, was the person who always had an open door and seat at the table. After immigrating from The Netherlands in 1952, Lloyd and Nellie Woudtsra settled in Burlington in 1954. A loving family with 3 sons and from humble means, this did not define the wealth of compassion and kindness Lloyd and Nellie had for their community.

Carpenter Hospice first came into the forefront of their world when Nellie’s sister Margaret was dying with cancer. Margaret was welcomed into the hospice and Nellie stayed by her side 24 hours a day for 4 weeks. Nellie and Lloyd being the industrious duo soon found that they could help with cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, and making Nellie’s famous raisin bread.

“I remember the beautiful bond that people had and how everyone was together”

After Margaret’s death, Nellie and Lloyd knew how special Carpenter Hospice was. Over the next 9 years, on a weekly basis they arrived at the hospice at 7:30am to do cleaning, baking and laundry. “The Hospice was filled with laughter, hugs, and the hospice staff and volunteers became an extension of our family.”

As physical demands became too great to continue to volunteer, Nellie and Lloyd stayed connected by welcoming friends from the hospice into their home for coffee and homemade treats. In September of 2019, Lloyd became ill and was hospitalized. Complications from a deteriorating heart valve were taking its toll and by early October the family knew Lloyd needed different care.

Carpenter Hospice was the obvious choice for the Woudstra family. When Intake Coordinator, Laurie came to see the whole family in Lloyd’s room, Nellie felt like she was reunited with family; it was like family coming together to help each other through a difficult time.

Lloyd was moved into Carpenter Hospice care. Lloyd sat up in his last moments and said “I Love You” to his family, a moment to share and remember a wonderful life lived. Although he was only there for a short time, the care and compassion they received was something Nellie and her family will never forget.

Please join Nellie and her sons Mike, John, and Harold in their support of Carpenter

“I would take you home and put you on a mantle to see you all the time if I could”,
Nellie Woudstra


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