National Grief and Bereavement Day 2023

National Grief and Bereavement Day 

Tuesday November 21, 2023, marks National Grief & Bereavement Day in Canada. This is a day for all of us to reflect on the legacies of those who have died, as well as the love, connections, and relationships that have shaped and continue to shape our lives. Today, we recognize National Grief and Bereavement Day and all those experiencing grief. We consider grief as love transformed, and recognize that everyone will experience grief at some point in their lives. Often people feel uncertain where to turn to for bereavement support or worry they are not “grieving the right way”. There is no right way, and each person’s grief is unique. National Grief and Bereavement Day is the opportunity for Canadians to share and normalize talking about grief, and to highlight the resources that can help.

Grief is both a natural and human response when someone dies or when something that holds great value to us is lost to us or has changed. The grieving process gives us the opportunity to say goodbye to that important piece of our life and acknowledge the adjustments that will come as we move forward. 

Carpenter Hospice marks National Grief and Bereavement Day by acknowledging those experiencing grief as well as promoting the resources and supports available. Grief can feel like a lonely journey, but we want you to know you are not alone.  Please find some grief and bereavement resources below:

There are several upcoming workshops and events being held by Carpenter Hospice and community partners: 

If you would like more information about these events and workshops, please reach out to the Community and Supportive Care Team at Carpenter Hospice, at 905-631-9994 ext. 141

Telephone Support Lines:






COAST crisis line: 


Kids Help Phone


A Friendly Voice (Ontarians 55+ Call line)


LGBT Youth Line: 

text 647-694-4275 

Trans Lifeline: 



24/7 Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST) 
Phone:  1-877-825-9011 


What’s Your Grief 

The Lighthouse Program for Grieving Children 

Kids Grief Support 

BFO Bereaved Families of Ontario—South Central Region 

Bereaved Families of Ontario 

Canadian Virtual Hospice 

Widowed Friends of Halton

Alan D. Wolfelt- Center for Loss & Transition 

Acclaim Health 


Brene Brown & David Kessler 

Anderson Cooper – All There Is 

What’s Your Grief 

Megan Devine – Refuge in Grief 

David Kessler Podcasts 


Hospice Peterborough: What Now? On the Threshold of Life, Death, and Grief


The Carpenter Hospice