Bridge of Care Wellness Outreach Program

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Wellness Outreach Program

Carpenter Hospice will help connect individuals and their caregivers earlier in their journey to services and wellness programs that proactively respond to their unique needs. Our approach is to move beyond treating only their illness symptoms to support the individual and their family holistically.

This program will ensure that we are present earlier in their palliative care journey with in-hospice therapies such as music, grief and bereavement services, Reiki, massage therapy, meditation, and educational workshops to address everyone’s need.

“They treated my husband with such respect. His first words when he came here were, ‘it’s so peaceful.’ It had been so stressful for a while at home, and it was nice when he could come to stay at Carpenter Hospice. It gave us such relief.” 

-Ann, wife of in- hospice resident and volunteer



We are set to deliver a holistic approach…mind, body and soul.

Build a bridge of care. 


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