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Respite Care Program

As the time a caregiver spends providing care increases, so can the distress they experience. Carpenter Hospice will provide the solution with short-term specialized care. The program is a two-fold approach of client support and caregiver respite.

Instead of the client going to the hospital to address challenging symptoms, Carpenter Hospice is now their place of respite. Depending on their need, they may need to remain in the Hospice for a few days or a few weeks. This program will also provide respite for the caregiver struggling to cope, facing burnout and requires temporary relief from their caregiving.

Carpenter Hospice will partner with the community and hospital healthcare providers to identify clients who would benefit from short, in-hospice respite. But we won’t stop there. We understand that many individuals wish to remain at home, so our program also includes home visits.

As leaders in palliative care, Carpenter Hospice is uniquely positioned to lead a re-imagining of end-of-life care. We will address this gap in care.


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Now is the time to take care of the caregiver. 

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