Outreach Teams

Since 2002, Carpenter Hospice has been privileged to serve Burlington residents and their families with quality hospice palliative care. Looking to the future, we understand that a growing aging population means the demand for our services will only increase. In order to meet this demand, Carpenter Hospice must explore opportunities to expand our reach beyond our hospice walls. The question to be answered is, “how can we best support our residents and their families beyond residential care (service and program expansion), as well as function as a system collaborator as defined in our Strategic Plan?”

Balancing the needs of our community within the framework of the Local Health Integrated Network (LHIN) and province will be complex. Aligning the synergies will take visionary thinking and strong, proactive leadership. We believe Carpenter Hospice can provide that leadership. The number of people requiring end-of-life care is increasing. A delivery model that is comprehensive, proactive, and holistic, and can provide an integrated circle of care and support, will mean equitable access to high quality palliative care for Burlington residents and their families.

We are currently working with our regional palliative care providers to develop Outreach Services that will meet the palliative care needs of our Burlington residents and their families.