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Therapeutic Touch: Distance Healing

October 27, 2021

Therapeutic Touch (TT) is a natural healing method for relaxation and self-help. In a healthy state, life energy flows freely in and out of a person’s energy field in an orderly fashion. With disease, injury, or stress the energy flow can be obstructed. TT helps to restore the flow of energy in the field. A treatment helps with relaxation, reducing anxiety and stress, helps with pain, improves sleep and facilitates the body’s natural healing process, clearing away any blockages and balancing the person’s energy field.

Distance Therapeutic Touch allows the recipient to receive a healing session by a practitioner who, by an intentional and compassionate mental act, interacts with the client’s energy field while not in physical contact. This can be offered through Zoom or over the phone as the practitioner communicates to the recipient to assess to see how they are doing and providing wellbeing support through a therapy session — Call for more information or to book a session!

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